Meet Our Team

Crystin Fuller

Crystin joins the RSVP team after working in various parts of the veterinary industry for over 20 years. She has experience in all the positions in a general practice. Along with management experience in corporate, privately owned and buying group clinics. In addition, she taught as an Adjunct Faculty member at the Veterinary Technology On Campus Program here in Dallas, TX. With all this knowledge and experience she fully understands all the dynamics it takes to make a practice flow smoothly and efficiently. It takes an entire team, and the support staff is a big part of that. As the Support Staff Manager for Florida, she will always do her best to provide exceptional service and place the most valuable and skilled support staff in your practice.

Lynn Roy

Lynn is a new member of our team at RSVP as of Aug 2018. Coming from a background of veterinary medicine for the last 37 years, she is passionate about animal healthcare teams and their needs. Her strengths are communication and team building. She believes a top priority in veterinary medicine is maintaining relationships and providing support to those who make a difference each day by touching the lives of our furry friends. Lynn is currently managing the Florida and Georgia territories.

Meg Bittick

Meg joined the RSVP team in April of 2018 as an Administrative assistant. She has a background in recruiting and graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Integrative studies focusing on Political Science, Psychology, and Public Affairs and Community Service. She works closely with the regional managers and marking manager to ensure the quality and efficiency of the team. Meg is currently pursuing a masters degree in social work at UNT/TWU. In her free time, she likes to read, take naps, and take care of all her beloved animals.

Lori Wilson

Coming from a background in Human Resources and Administration, Lori joined the RSVP team in March of 2016. Since that time, she has worked with doctors and clinics in Texas, Georgia, and Florida to both increase RSVP’s presence and fulfill relief needs. Currently focused on southern Texas, Lori will continue serving clients in that region while expanding.

Leah Williams

Leah joined the RSVP team in February of 2014 after graduating from East Texas Baptist University with a degree in accounting. Her time working with the Stockyards Rodeo in Ft. Worth inspired her interest in the animal care industry, which made RSVP the perfect place for her to develop her skills and continue learning. In her spare time, Leah loves watching SportsCenter, playing basketball, doing her nails, and taking care of her office beta fish Chandler.

Cori Hayley

Cori joined the RSVP team after working in the veterinary industry for 13 years. She knows how the quality of a hospital’s support staff can affect every aspect of the practice. As the Support Staff Account Manager, she enjoys finding skilled and personable technicians, receptionists, and kennel assistants for hospitals across the state of Texas. Whether your practice needs temporary or permanent coverage, Cori will work her hardest to find the right staff members to help it run smoothly.

Danielle Estell

Danielle joined the RSVP team in April 2013, but is not new to the veterinary community. With over 15 years’ experience as a certified veterinary technician, she knows firsthand the needs and demands of the veterinary community. As the Houston Account Manager, she enjoys working closely with both the relief doctors and clinics she is assisting. Whether it is booking relief shifts or looking for a permanent associate, Danielle’s number one priority is to provide the best customer service to anyone she is working with.

David Grant, DVM

In addition to founding RSVP over 20 years ago, Dr. David Grant has introduced numerous products and services to the veterinary industry that have lead to improved care for animals, enhanced customer experiences and innovative resources for developing the veterinary staff. Notable contributions David Grant has made include the VetEd Tablet, VSurv, VSmart, the Pet Info Center, HR Toolkit and the development of Certified Veterinary Assistant Training Resources utilized in thousands of schools and veterinary hospitals. Dr. Grant is passionate about finding better ways for you to do your job of caring for the animals.

Linda Autwell

Linda came to RSVP in 2001 from a large corporation accounting background. She graduated from University of Texas at Dallas in 1990. The opportunities at RSVP to manage a broader range of responsibilities have complemented her lifestyle choices. Away from work, she stays busy keeping up with her husband’s passion for the outdoors, their son, their happy lab and four cats, and the office cat Scout.

Monica Hughes

Monica has been with RSVP since 1997, starting as an administrative assistant and eventually working her way up to Director of Operations in 2001. Whether negotiating corporate contracts or staffing a relief doctor in a rural single doctor clinic, Monica understands the needs of her clients on a personal basis. Over the years she has booked over 100,000 relief shifts, and permanently placed numerous doctors and staff for every sort of situation and facility imaginable! She continues to handle several regions’ staffing needs currently, as well as oversee RSVP internal staff, marketing, and strategic planning for company expansion in the coming years.