Here at RSVP, it is important we answer any and all questions for you.

  • What is a Relief Veterinarian?

    Relief veterinarians fill in at veterinary clinics when a regular practitioner is on leave or can also be used to supplement a facility’s existing staff (anywhere a temporary veterinarian is needed).

    Relief veterinarians provide services on an as-needed basis when vets are in need of
    assistance with their practice (often due to situations such as illness, maternity leave, family
    obligations, or a scheduled vacation, etc.).

    Working with RSVP you can enjoy the access to our widespread network of clinics working
    closely with an RSVP manager who creates a personalized network for you. Enjoy the flexibility
    that relief work offers and gain experience with premium pay. Contact a rep today to learn about
    all our opportunities. 800-256-4078

  • Does RSVP offer relief work to support staff?

    Yes! RSVP is currently offering relief shifts to support staff Texas, Florida, Georgia.

  • Is there a minimum number of days that a required to work?

    No, there are no obligations to work, RSVP just provides the opportunities to work. Are we exclusive or can they you work for other clinics I already have a rapport with?

    The only restriction is if RSVP initiates contact between you and a clinic you can only work there through RSVP. Clinics are aware that if they like you they can pay a placement fee and move
    you from temp to perm if that is what is agreed upon between both parties.

  • How am I paid?

    RSVP uses a bi-monthly direct deposit payroll system for Technicians.

    Doctors are paid via Direct Deposit with our Quick Pay system, allowing them to be paid within 2 business days of working once they send invoice for a shift.

    RSVP is dedicated to paying in a timely manner.

  • Am I an employee or independent contractor?

    As a veterinarian you will be considered an independent contractor, we provide you with one
    1099. Technicians are employees and receive a W-2 tax form.

  • Can I sustain on relief alone, is there enough business to keep me working?

    It depends on your area, willingness to travel, and skill level. There is a good possibility to live comfortably working only relief, many of our doctors do just that. They enjoy the flexibility and control over their schedule. They also enjoy the new and exciting experiences provided to them.
    We have enough work for you to work every day if you are willing. Currently, we have many
    doctors/technicians working 5-6 shifts a week, year round.
    Again there is no obligation to work, but we do have enough work for doctors to work as much
    as they want.

  • How do I sign up?

    Signing up is easy, you can either log on to the website and submit an application for
    Veterinarians here and, for Technicians, click here or give us a call Toll Free: (800) 256-4078.

  • How am I notified regarding shifts?

    After you complete your paperwork, you will be notified by your preferred communication
    method; the common method is via email. All shifts are sent and you pick and choose which
    ones you want and respond. Sometimes we have last minute needs that are sent out, urgency
    is important to get the shifts you want. Technicians use our dedicated app to make scheduling
    and time tracking simple.

  • What happens if I don’t like a clinic?

    We understand that not everyone fits with every clinic. Let your manager know and they will be
    sure to remove you from that clinic and provide you with better-suited matches in the future. We
    act as a buffer helping cut down on any awkwardness or unpleasantness that may arise when
    dealing with clinics.

    Our goal is to find the perfect environments for you, the more we get to know you, and the more
    you work, the better our analysis will be.

  • Do you offer referral bonuses for veterinarians?

    Yes, we do! The average bonus is around $300 for a qualified veterinarian. Refer someone
    today. *conditions apply