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There is no simple formula for finding a relief veterinarian or technician. At RSVP we blend nearly three decades of experience with a passion for meeting the specific needs of our customers to ensure you are getting the right veterinarian for your practice.


RSVP has been helping clinics for almost three decades by filling over 350,000 shifts. Our great team can help you with temporary or permanent staff too! Over 8,000 relief veterinarians & technicians have utilized RSVP to fill their schedules.

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Relief Services for Veterinary Practitioners or, RSVP, is the veterinary industry’s leading staffing agency. We have partnered with veterinarians since 1992. Veterinary staffing has never been more simple. With over 350,000 relief shifts and permanent placements filled by over 8,000 veterinarians & technicians since 1992; RSVP is the expert in veterinary career building. Therefore, as an RSVP relief veterinarian, you can expect to have a personal manager present you with opportunities for local relief shifts. These shifts you can pick up at your leisure with no obligation to work. There is no cost to you and no obligation to work. Relief veterinarians and veterinary technicians alike find comfort with RSVP. Most of all we make veterinary relief simple. Relief veterinarians apply today!