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Grab another gear and go!

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If you’ve ever driven a standard transmission, you will probably be familiar with the sound of an engine
over-revving. The car can’t really go any faster, the moving parts in the motor are being stressed, excess
heat is building up, and if you don’t shift into a higher gear or take your foot off the gas, the whole thing
will eventually blow up.
But as soon as you put the vehicle into a higher gear, the engine operates more efficiently, everything
cools down, and you pick up speed even though the individual moving parts are moving only a bit
This scenario is exactly what happens in the hospital. In fact, it happens in every business. Stress occurs
when the “engine” can’t handle the workload efficiently.
So, the “next gear” for you may be an associate, or maybe an extra tech or two. But can you afford it?
What if the race suddenly slows down around the next corner?
Unlike taking a mild mannered test drive with the salesman at the Corvette dealership, there is a way to
“really rev the engine” before you buy when it comes to hiring. Veterinary relief services offer you the
luxury of “test driving” additional staff before you financially commit to a permanent addition to your pit
During faster-paced periods, you may need an additional technician to help out in exam rooms while
your team takes on a couple more dentals each day. Maybe you’re ready to add a secondary driver, but
wouldn’t it be better to know that an associate can perform to your expectations first?
Relief services allow you to get back on course, open up bottlenecks in the road that kill productivity,
and increase the overall output of the hospital machine. Temporary staff can help ease the pain
of rapid growth and add capacity that allows you to explore new profit centers, without the fear of  overpowering your engine should you encounter a negative grade in the road where it may be more efficient to coast for a few miles.
Instead of spinning your wheels to go nowhere faster, try a temporary “octane-boost” through a relief service company. Grab another gear, and see if you are ready to invest in additional horsepower to move your team further down the road.
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